CHI500: Research Methods


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Syllabus, Fall Semester 2008

I. Orientations:

A. Sinology and its relationship to the field.
B. Existing Guides.

C. Basic Style.
D. Resource Sites Online

II. Reading, Translating, and Deciphering the Language

A. Lexicography

B. Reading Assignment

C. Preparation for class


A. Biography

1. Major biographical references up to the Song html version pdf version

2. Guides to Translation of Official Titles

3. Internet Resources

4. Reading Assignment: Part I

  • Wilkinson. Chinese History, pp. 94-130.
  • Stephen Durant, The Cloudy Mirror: Tension and Conflict in the Writings of Sima Qian. Albany: SUNY Press, 1995.
  • Li Wai-yee, "The Idea of Authority in the Shih-chi," Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 54.2(1994): 345-407. (Please download through JSTOR, using your student number)

5. Reading Assignment: Part II

6. Readings to prepare for class: I

7. Readings to prepare for class: II

8. Assignment for Weeks 2-3

III. Places

A. Geography

1. Online guide to major sources for geographical, toponymical, and cartographic information

2. Internet Resources

3. Reading Assignment Part 1

  • Wilkinson, pp. 131-69; 721-47.

4. Preparation for class: section on 江水 from Shuijing zhu 水經注

5. Map to accompany Shuijing zhu passage.


IV. Dates, Time and Natural Phenomena

V. Books